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Somewhere in the Lemurian recesses of my soul, swims a memory of mermaid-like women lounging on silver sun-warmed rocks, singing love songs to the Goddess, lovingly painting and adorning each other, and letting cool waters wash them with spirals of sparkling bliss. "Wet Woman" is the actualization of this gleaming dream! Come, and you will see what I mean...



Hi Lauren - Thank you SO MUCH for the incredible Witchreat!!  It has deeply inspired me to sing, bring out the Baritone Ukulele regularly, and two weekends ago, I brought your song book to a friends house and we ended up singing for hours... and now theres 8 other women who want to gather and sing in circle weekly.  So I went from being starving to feeling filled and nourished in this way so quickly, and all as a ripple effect of who you are and what you have created!!  Such deep deep gratitude!! It was pure, feminine heaven. Song, sisters, the river... there is no other way I would rather spend a weekend!


Upon arrival at the gorgeous Eudimonia retreat center to the moment we departed the Yuba River, The Witchreat fully encompassed Wholeness ~ a gathering that weaved together soul-enriching, heart-centering, and empowering sisterhood connectivity. We spoke our intentions, sang our prayers, cried, laughed, soaked, swam, danced, and nurtured our bodies & minds with delicious food and yoga + meditation practice. In the willing space to co-create a beautiful cocoon & safe container, we gave each other permission to arrive, again and again, in full authenticity, exactly as we are moment to moment. My voice continues to open and I deepen into the essence of loving presence, Truth and sacred expression with the playful, exquisite guidance of Lauren. The co-creativity and offering of workshops was uplifting, inspiring and affirming of the magic that seamlessly transpires when women gather. Bathing in the beloved Yuba river and exploring Ritualistic avenues to honor the feminine, our bodies, and the Earth is one of the greatest gifts to self ~ a resounding feeling of Home. I departed this retreat completely rejuvenated, with the clear call to continue watering these seeds of desire: to honor, celebrate and Serve the feminine, with enthusiasm to continue adorning women’s beautiful bodies with Art. I highly recommend any opportunity to gather, sing, play, invoke your witchy nature and nourish the wholeness of your being with Lauren + community!


This Witchreat was so nourishing, inspiring and FUN!! It was a joy to gather intentionally with incredible women sharing their gifts with one another. We shared laughter, song, tears and prayer. We opened our hearts and basked in river bliss.... Just reminiscing on the sweetness of it all has me wondering when the next one will be! So much gratitude!


Ali Maya

I came into the retreat knowing Lauren's ability to create such amazing magic and she exceeded my expectations. The mix of lovely singers and facilitators, the group of inspiring and powerful women, exquisitely tasty foods, soul nourishing singing, and the gorgeous Yuba river, made for an epic three days. I truly felt like I dropped into a deep container that fed and nourished my heart deeply. 

Sharon Joy

My experience at Lauren’s Wet Woman Witchreat was one of a deep remembering of my womanhood, my connection to the Earth, and the soul regeneration that becomes available my I immerse my self in song, in the sacred, and in sisterhood. I went into the experience not knowing what to expect, but trusting that I would feel held, safe, and able to show up as my authentic self, in whatever emotions or states of being might arise--which is exactly what I experienced and more. I left the retreat feeling incredibly resourced in my heart, and more dropped in to who I truly am and what matters to me. I look forward to the next of these soulful and intention gatherings with beautiful women, embodying and creating such amazing things in the world.

Arielle Brown

Having the blessed opportunity to gather with sisters in a beautiful location in nature was nectar to my soul! It was so healing and nurturing for my being to be in a sacred, safe and supportive circle of women, connecting through music, magical moments and the sacred waters of the Yuba River. I left feeling nourished with nature, healthy food and sweet sisterhood. I will never forget the bliss of singing our hearts out, smiling on the sun-warmed rocks in the middle of the river.

Mary Isis

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