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come back home to your creative spirit this labor day

This 3 day 2 night Witchreat consists of:

camping, glamping, or magickal suites in a private retreat sanctuary with a spa deck and year-round springwater fed creek ten minutes away from the clothing optional yuba river

high-end catered, farm-to-table, organic, delicious, and nourishing meals

special guests musicians and facilitators to bring you deeper into your musical self

relaxing and rejuvenating in the waters of the yuba river

co-creating magick, mischief and mystery through music

movement, dance, yoga & reconnection

Logistics & 

Money Piece

Arrive by 2:30 Friday

 leave by Sunday pm

All classes workshops & excursions are optional


includes food & basic camping

$595 Early Birdy

(Until Aug 1)

$695 Busy Birdy

(Until Aug 15th)

$895 Bay Birdy

(Until Aug 25)

Work trade and installments available

who needs burning man when there's

guest musicians

Mary Isis sings her soul songs from the heart and in the spirit of ceremony, with the prayer to awaken, uplift and empower those who listen. She lyrically weaves her poetic expressions of the universal human experience and the mystical and miraculous nature we are all a part of, to inspire Remembrance of true purpose and meaning in Life. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 12.55.28 PM_ed

Mackenzie Madrone is a song gatherer and seeker for the sound expressions made by the many muses of the world. She believes in the reclaiming of our voice, our instrument to directly connect us to spirit. Through awakening the voice, we are reminded of our love for life. Sing along and enjoy

Guest facilitators

Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 11.01.20 AM_ed

Power of Nature with Tiana Ellauri: Nature has the power to heal. But how do we stay connected with her during these times of environmental and social catastrophe? How can we listen more deeply to her guidance and stay devoted to the path she has set for us in the face of so much upheaval? Join eco-psychologist, Tiana Ellauri, for a deep dive into your personal relationship with nature. Learn simple techniques that fortify your connection with the natural world through sharpening your senses and honing your intuition. By the end, you will feel inspired by the miraculous beauties of nature and feel a clearer sense of purpose in the world. Discover how powerful and beautiful you are when you allow the creative and healing forces of the universe to flow unencumbered through the vessel of your body!

Intimacy with Arielle Brown: Our Earth is beckoning us as women to emerge in our voices, in our sexuality, in our truth, in our intuition, in our power, to bring Feminine healing to the woundings of a patriarchal society rooted in control, fear, isolation and scarcity. We, as women, embody a potent antidote to this cultural, yet in order to bring our medicine and gifts full into the world, it's essential we let go of our own conditioned tendencies to judge ourselves (and others), to compare, and compete with other sisters.

sample schedule



2:30 arrival time + settling in

3 opening circle

4 yuba river & water songs

6 dinner

7 evening song program with special guest

9-?: dancing, open music circles, snuggles, magick




8-9 morning movement & yoga

9-10 breakfast

10:30 morning song circle

12 lunch

1:30-4 yuba river excursion

6 dinner

7 evening song program with special guest

9-?: hot tubbing, song sharing, snuggles, magick


8-9 morning movement & yoga

9-10 breakfast

10:30 late morning song program with special guest

1 lunch

2 pack up

3-7 last yuba excursion

7 optional dinner at 'nourish' sushi restaurant


Our delightful private retreat sanctuary, Eudaimonia, is located in Nevada City, 5 minutes away from Mother Truckers natural food store and 10 minutes away from Purdon Crossing at the Yuba River, 3 hours north of the Bay Area.

All participants will have access to our spa (clothing-optional), including: a Scandinavian-style cedar sauna (with crystal-grid), colloidal silver- and UV-filtered hot tub, outdoor baths, outdoor showers, community kitchen, on-site yoga, lovely views, and stunning nature, this is a perfect refuge to unwind, rejuvenate, and enjoy life in the mountains!   

room rentals

For an additional fee, there are 6 extra sleeping accommodations that can fit up to 2 people each if you want to split room costs. there are also tons of camping areas throughout the property that are included. 

The Jewel Room

$180 extra, can sleep 2

This private loft suite is located above the spa within our magical wellness retreat center. Climb a ladder to access the loft suite. The suite itself is made of cedar siding, treated with a zero-VOC stain. One end of the a-frame suite has an interchangeable window with three options (vinyl window, mosquito screening, or open). In the summer we typically leave the mosquito screening up, for more of an open-air experience. The space also has an electric fireplace/heater to keep you warm as needed. The bed is a two-layer organic cotton and wool futon with zero fire retardants. So this is a perfect place for health conscious people or those with sensitivities to toxins. The space also has two Himalayan salt lamps, which emit negative ions and help neutralize the EMFs from electronics.

The Goddess Room

$150 extra, can sleep 2

This queen suite is located in a detached guesthouse with private access. It has a dry bar space with high-quality filtered water (chlorine- and fluoride-free) and an electric water kettle and french press for tea or coffee. There is a comfortable couch and the room has a heater and air conditioner. Walk down the spiral staircase to use the bathroom.

Glamping Tents - 2 Available - $120 extra, can sleep 2

Enjoy the serenity of these Lotus Belle Tents which each include a queen size bed, heating + cooling fan, electricity, a desk + drawers overlooking the majestic valley forest. Photos not available yet 

Simple Bunk Room - $80 - 2 beds

Enjoy the simplicity of this simple bunk room with 2 beds in it perfect for sharing space with a sweet sister. Air conditioning + heating + Electricity; this is pretty simple in terms of sleeping. No frills!

More rooms may be made available - stay tuned!

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